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Rumi Love Poems

Rumi was 13th century Persian Muslim poet, whose works were translated into many languages. He’s also considered to be one of the most read poets in the United States in 21st century. His poems is written mostly in Persian, but we can also find works in Turkish, Arabic and Greek.

He was that kind of person who shared truth and high clarity of vision. He was open and frank about his life as much as it was possible.What is important to remember is that Rumi gained a great popularity because he was totally unique and very authentic personality. Everything about him is a pure magic and he tries to share it with us through his poems.

The meaning of love is widely revealed in poet’s works: This Marriage, Call of Love, Our Death is Our Wedding With Eternity, Love is Reckless.

In This Marriage, Rumi shows big expectations for happy union between two people. The poem is bright and filled with hope. It’s short but opens up the whole essence of the poet’s life. Enjoy reading the following lines from this wonderful poem:

“May these vows and this marriage be blessed.

May it be sweet milk,

this marriage, like wine and halvah. ”

The most amazing thing about his poetry is the ability to go deep into our hearts and touch our emotions and instincts, rather than just intellectual side of a person. Someone may say that after reading the poems, Rumi becomes their spiritual guide through life.

A lot of author’s works were dedicated to God and his love to all human beings. He describes God’s love as unconditional and asks us to open wide the windows of our hearts for him to enrich our souls.

Here is a list of Rumi Love Poems